Lean into Lent

Photo Challenge

Every week in Lent you will be invited to share a photo of how you are pursuing the spiritual practice or value explored in worship. We invite you to post your photo on social media using the hashtag #aumclent or email your photo to our Director of Contemporary Worship and Digital Media, Kevin Thompson, at kevin.thompson@at apexumc.org. Your photos will be shared in worship each week as a way to encourage one another to lean into this holy season.


Week 1: Resist 

February 26-March 4

Jesus resisted temptation by relying on the strength of his faith. Share a photo that captures ways you are resisting temptation, be it the false security of temporal comforts, or evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves.


Week 2: Curiosity 

March 5-11

Nicodemus’ curiosity led him to visit with Jesus. The conversation that followed changed Nicodemus’ life and continues to impact the lives of millions. Share a photo of something that sparks your spiritual curiosity this week.


Week 3: Spiritual Thirst 

March 12-18

The woman at the well was offered Living Water by Jesus, an offer that revealed the hidden spiritual thirst within all of us. Share a photo of something that helps quench your spiritual thirst, that allows you to drink deep of the well of Christ’s Living Water.


Week 4: Learning

March 19-25

From the moment the man born blind met Jesus, his life became one of an ever-broadening revelation of God’s power in Jesus. Share a photo this week that captures your own learning journey toward an ever-broadening understanding of God.


Week 5: Mystery

March 26-April 1

How Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead is a profound mystery, one that points ahead to the mystery of his own resurrection. Share a photo this week that points to the mysterious power of God at work around you.


Week 6: Hope

April 2-8

This week we journey with Jesus on the painful path of his betrayal, arrest, and crucifixion. Yet as Christians we have hope. We sit in the darkness of this week trusting that in God’s time, light will shine. Share a photo this week that offers a glimpse of hope.