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TRY 5Come worship with us, and consider our TRY 5 experience!

What is TRY 5? We know it’s difficult to get the authenticity of a place in one visit. So we encourage you to TRY 5 visits to experience who we are as a faith community and what it’s like to be a part of our family. Here are some things to check out.

  • First Time Guests: Please come to the welcome desk in Crossroads following worship to receive a gift of welcome.
  • Meet the Pastors: Every week, visitors can meet our pastors after worship. Traditional service: pastors will remain by the altar. Contemporary service: pastors will be by the far right door at the rear of the gym.

Please be sure to complete the attendance notebook in worship each week (one is located on each row). Questions? Call the church office 919-362-7807.

When you visit:

  • Get directions to Apex UMC and download a campus map
  • Park in one of our visitors parking spots near the entrance to the Discipleship Center and Christian Life Center.
  • Visit the welcome desk in Crossroads. You will find members of the church who can direct you to nursery and Sunday School classes, help you decide on a worship service to attend and provide general information about the church.