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Administrative Council Members


All-Campus Council
Chair Mike Carroll
Vice Chair Emily Dilday
Secretary Heath Williamson (Class of 2016)
Treasurer Bob Chaffin
Financial Secretary Jackie Evrard
(ex officio without vote)
Apex Steering Team Chair Randy Wiersma
The Peak Steering Team Chair Daniel Roy
Fiesta Cristiana Steering Team Chair Oz Franco
519 Steering Team Chair Todd Davis
Annual Conference Delegate Representatives Cara Thompson
Johnn Dooley
Finance Chair Glenn Astolfi
Generosity Chair Larry Coats
Nominations Chair Keith Bowden
Staff Parish Relations Chair Tara Bridgeman
Trustees Chair TBD
Student Representative Sarah Ford
Emeritus Members (with vote) Larry Jordan
Jeanne Hack
2014 Class-At Large Members Matt Smith
Janet D'Ignazio
2015 Class-At Large Members Tom Hearn
Lisa Markley
2016 Class-At Large Members Emily Dilday
Don Evans
Apex Pastor Jenny Wilson
The Peak Pastor Alan Felton
Fiesta Cristiana Pastor Alma Ruiz
Fiesta Cristiana Outreach Pastor Jose Luis Villasenor
519 Pastor Owen Barrow
Pastor of Spiritual Formation Glenn Mason
Managing Executive Pastor Tim Catlett
Apex Family of Faith Community Lead Pastor Gray Southern


Members who would like a monthly summary budget update, or a detailed
annual budget, please contact our financial coordinator, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .